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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the quality of your bamboo blind good?
Good question! We are aware that in Bamboo Blinds Land there are a lot of different qualities available. Check your supplier always for the four most important quality points:

  • Bamboo
    The best is from Malaysia and we buy the slightly more expensive bamboo quality.
  • Workmanship
    We have our bamboo blind factory in Singapore, to guarantee top workmanship.
  • Durability
    Our bamboo blinds will function at least 10 years in Singapore outdoor conditions, this is based on our  customers experience.
  • Varnish
    This is a hidden quality issue, because it is invisible and will only show up later. We use prime varnish used on yacht decks which can handle full direct sun and salty water. We do two layers for full long lasting protection.

When do you need bamboo blind backing?
If you want 100% blockage of rain we recommend backing.
If you would allow some water spray if the rain is heavy blinds w/o backing are sufficient.

Is there a minimum size to a bamboo blind?
No, but all blinds smaller then 30 sq ft (~2.8 m2) in size will be charged @ 30 sq ft

Is there a maximum size to a blind?
Yes, we recommend a maximum width of 12ft (3.6 meter). Wider is practically difficult to handle and you should consider to split it up in 2 or more pieces. We can make the bamboo blinds any length/height. Small deviations
are possible of course. 

I have special requirements, like slopes, angles and cloth sides lining, can you do this?
Yes, Yes and Yes. Any special requests can be made. Remember, our blinds are custom made for you!

Can I get another color then natural or black & white?
We can make the Bamboo Blinds in any color you like.

Can we use your outdoor bamboo blinds also indoors?

What is the weight of a blind?
The weight of a Bamboo Blind without backing is 0.16 kg/sqft or 1.72 kg/m2, with PVC backing it is 0.21 kg/sqft or 2.26 kg/m2

Do you have a showroom?
No, we do not have a showroom and that is one of the reasons we can be very price effective.

Can I see a sample?
If we come for a professional measurement, we will bring some samples.

Do you ship overseas?
Yes. ex-works Singapore. Transportation, shipping and handling cost will be charged as incurred.

Do you remove old blinds?
Removal and disposal of existing blinds according to Singapore Government regulations can be done for S$ 20.- per blind.

Do you supply replacement pulling ropes for bamboo blinds?
Yes we do supply replacement pulling ropes for Bamboo Blinds. It will cost S$ 60.- for the first one and S$ 40.- for every additional one, this is inclusive of installation.

How do I order the Bamboo Blinds online or get a quotation?
You fill in the quotation form. Please mention your name, mobile number, address and the type of blinds you want including the size.

How long will it take if we decide to place the order?
Our company policy is to deliver and install the blinds within 10 working days, starting from the day your order confirmation email is received.

Is your price inclusive of installation charges?
Our price, as listed on our website, includes everything: materials, manufacturing, installation and delivery (in Singapore).

Do I get discount?
No, we have a best price policy, meaning that you are quoted the best price immediately. Our prices are as published on our website, no hidden extra's, but also no additional discount.

Is Singapore GST included?
As we are a small company, with a turnover of less than $1 million for the past 12 months, it is not compulsory to charge GST, hence we don't and save you the extra 7%.

How do I pay?
we have various payment options to suit your needs, at no additional charges to you
- Secure Online payment: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard & American Express;
- Cheque payment in Singapore dollars
- Cash on delivery of the blinds
- Bank Transfer to our Singapore Dollar United Overseas Bank (UOB) Account.

Can you send e-invoices to Singapore government related entities?
Yes, we can create e-invoices via vendors@gov and make offers via the GeBiz portal.

When do I pay?
We ask a 50% down payment upon order confirmation, and 100% payment upon delivery & installation of the blinds to your satisfaction. For deliveries only (incl. none Singapore based orders) we ask 100% payment upon order confirmation.

I have another question, how can I reach you?
Use our Contact us page to submit your question, or send us an E-mail directly